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. . . a work in progress . . . updated 7/10/2009

Images and Sounds recorded by Wil Hershberger
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...Though we had introduced Jean to the site before we closed the purchase in Fall 2005,
we had been at CoolPond for some 18 months before Jean and Craig's first real visit in June '07.
During that too-brief visit, Craig heard its song,
then showed us our first Bluebird,
who was not to re-appear for another year.
This year, several Bluebirds have graced this site with nests.
We trust they are here to stay.

... His talent for listening, looking, seeing, pointed us toward the tiniest wildflower, growing on our drainfield
... and revealed its name.

Now, at CoolPond, wherever we look, there's Craig's fingerprint.


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